How to Search


Our Search Engine

The 365 Campaign has a number of key search criteria which can be used at any time to search through the database to find the best results.

The search engine will try it's best to match your entry with data from the database. This is why we validate every entry in the database with industry experts that allow us to ensure that the data is correct but sometimes it may not find it. If you have a problem please let us know!

The examples can be searched in simple (via a keyword) and more advanced modes (with several parameters).

The examples can be searched in a simple and more advanced modes.

Simple Search

The simple first step allows you to search by one criteria such as:

  • Passenger or Freight (or policy area such as fuel economy which may cover both)
  • Mode of transport
  • Type of commitment (if it is a UNFCCC mechanism for example), a collective or individual example or if it is an international, national or city example)
  • Area of activity (Urban or Rural or both).
  • Cluster – policy, technology, partnership, etc

Advanced Search

The advance search feature allows you to filter down the database to a more specific dataset of results. This could result in some empty searches as results are filtered out with each selection criteria.

The advanced search feature allows you to refine this search by up to three of the above choices. However you may find that we do not have an example that covers all your search criteria so it is useful to first get an overview by using the simple search feature.

Each example can be exported as a printable pdf.

Search All Results

By default if you enter no search criteria, we will display all the results in the database to help you find a result.

  • Searchable Datapoints

  • Name:
    Entry Title
  • Country:
    List of countries
  • Region:
    Worldwide, Africa, Asia Pacific, Oceania, Eastern Europe, Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America, South East Asia, Western Europe, West Asia
  • Zone:
    International, National, Regional, City, All
  • Activity Area:
    Urban, Rural, Urban & Rural, International / Cross Border
  • City:
    Entry city
  • Commitment Category:
    INDC, LPAA Transport Commitment, NAMA, Climate Action Plan, Low Emission Development plans, Post COP21, Other
  • Commitment Type:
    Collective, Individual
  • Mitigation or Adaptation:
    Mitigation, Adaptation, Mitigation & Adaptation
  • Focus:
    All, Electric Mobility, Freight, Passenger, Fuel Economy Standards, Other
  • Transport Mode:
    Aviation, Inland Waterborne, International shipping, Road, Rail, Walking, Cycling, Passenger cars, Shared transport, Busses, Trucks and lorries, Other
  • UNFCCC Mechanism:
    Yes or No
  • CoBenefits:
    Air quality, Quality of Life, Poverty reduction, Youth, Gender equality
  • Cluster:
    Policy, Technology, Finance, Partnership, Other
  • URL
    URL of Entry